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a bit about myself:

My Interior Design Story

Thank you for joining me in my journey of interior design that I

love to share and allowing me to guide you through a design journey.

I wish to share my passion and experience in design, and I hope you find it valuable and interesting.


In any creative interior design process, my design is to execute based on one’s vision & stay true to the design vision throughout the process with a timeless design.


My key focus is, to begin with good design space planning and the space is everything. To make the great design truly lively, it also has to be functional. As a designer, I love to marry form and function, appealing to eyes and feeling comfortable within the space.


A good selection of material that meets both aesthetic vision and

practical needs is for a truly timeless design that doesn’t age  – a sense of distinctive design + form.


I believed my material selection will meet both your aesthetic vision and your practical needs.

My goal is to create design concepts that generate movement and energy from the lines, light, layout, and color. With this, my hope is that the final design will be a physical extension of the individual or corporation, reflecting the image, interests, and culture.


My portfolio experiences range from bungalows, high-end condo+ hotels, shopping malls, showrooms, educational centers, hospital & medical centers, banking, etc. I work on the designs on my own or with other great teams of skilled people and companies past 20 years..


Design philosophy Harmony + Timeless approach inside OUT..

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